Our President

Welcome to the website of Nu Gamma Tau Society, Inc.  I am Dr. E. Jean Pemberton Jones and have the privilege of serving as the National President and CEO of this great organization.  As one of the founding matriarchs, I am proud to be part of a sisterhood that genuinely cares about the needs of her community, supports the vision and dreams of other women and celebrate each other's accomplishments. 

Our campaign for 2018 is "Roaring to Make A Difference,." which means that we will take our programs to a new level of leadership of service.  Based on our rich core values, Nu Gamma Tau Society, Inc. will play a greater role to bring awareness and be an advocate to make positive differences and change that improve the lives of women through our three pillars of focus which are:

1. College Education and Completion

2. Career Entrepreneur Opportunities

3. Community Empowerment Through Serving with the Spirit of Excellence

I am excited to work with Nu Gamma Tau Society's leadership, members and partners as we expand our presence and serve our community.  If you want to join our sisterhood and be part of a campaign to make a difference,  visit our membership page,we would love to have you.

Dr. E. Jean Pemberton Jones

Dr. E. Jean Pemberton Jones

National President & CEO