Nu Gamma Tau Society, Inc. is a college, career and community service organization that welcome women who are educators, entrepreneurs, executives, economic and community leaders, college graduates and college students.

Membership falls under the classification of undergraduate or graduate professional.  In both classifications;

Prospective members must have integrity and be of ethical and moral standards;
Prospective members should not participate in demeaning or degrading activities; [this includes social media postings].
Prospective members must complete the official membership training program [MTP].
Prospective undergraduate member must be enrolled in post secondary school (trade school, community college, or 4 year institution) or has completed  college courses with an equivalent C+ average 2.50 - 4.0 grading scale.
Prospective graduate professional member must have completed the minimum of a post-secondary school [with an equivalent C+  average 2.50 - 4.0 grading scale], or received a high school diploma/GED equivalent and be a founder of a business/non-profit organization or received a high school diploma/GED equivalent and hold an executive leadership position with an organization.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP will not be extended to an individual who does not adhere to the policies and core values of Nu Gamma Tau Society, Inc.

ADDITIONAL INTAKE PROCESS, QUALIFICATIONS AND TRAINING REQUIREMENTS are provided during the recruiting events and pre-membership training program.  Pledging is not part of the membership training program. We are not part of the Pan-Hellenic Council.
ATTENDANCE at Nu Gamma Tau Society, Inc. activities does not guarantee an invitation to membership or acceptance to membership.



Below Compliance Guidelines Are Available
Upon Request

  • Bylaws and Constitution
  • Starting a Chapter
  • Anti - Pledging Hazing
  • Members Probation, Suspension, Expulsion
  • Chapter Probation, Suspension